Start Today

Where to Begin:

You should ideally begin by creating a strong portfolio that can create the right impact. Further, you can ignore the relevance and the uses of social media at your own risk. Create a page that identified with your style and your kind of work. Let your work and your projects speak for themselves. Build contacts which you can use adequately to circulate your work. If you hope to be hired into in an industry here are a few key aspects to consider:

1. Consider blogging as the starting point to introducing yourself and your work to possible employers. What this will do is that you will be able to publish your work online as your own, safeguard it (you can patent it and use it exclusively) and receive feedback for it. The positive feedback will encourage you to work towards your goal. It is possible that you may be approached by someone who would like to use your work and there is your entry into the professional world of illustrations.

2. Social media can serve as a huge link between beginners and the professional world. There have been instances where illustrators who have never done professional work were spotted on Twitter or Instagram and subsequently have been approached for work due to the exposure.

3. Always keep yourself updated about what is happening in your industry. This will help you to update your skills or approach the right people with your work. Further, you will find that client’s come with many requirements and it is important to have a certain adaptability to satisfy the client’s brief.


An Audience:

Working as an illustrator is challenging work but extremely satisfying once you find your niche. This is where we come in. We are an online community of freelancing illustrators who cater to client’s needs. When we first started, we were a small group of mixed media artists and illustrators who wanted to work at our own pace and not restrict ourselves to a desk job. That is where the idea to create a group of such freelancers was born. The biggest challenge we faced was to find the right audience for our work. However, with time, patience and excellent work, we could connect with people who wanted to use our services as a freelancer. Now, we have a solid group of people (that number is steadily going up) who are constantly looking for illustrators and freelancers.