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An Online Presence:

What our portal does is to provide you with an online presence through which you can network to find the right kind of job for you. Not only can you build your portfolio with us, but points are added every time you finish a job successfully. These points are reflected in your profile and this helps you to secure further freelancing jobs through the portal. A unique exercise that began on a small note was to provide tutorials for people that were interested in DIY projects. This has now gained significant proportions. This feature allows a freelancer to earn through patches when work seems to be slow. However, your popularity can reflect in your profile making it even more appealing to people who want to employ.

We have quite a few courses and lessons that we offer for our members who can upgrade their skills in this area to make their resumes look better. These courses are certified and hence equip you with skills that are most searched by such recruiters. When you have these on your resume, the value will definitely increase, thereby opening moor career doorways for you. An opportunity is the first step towards achieving your dream. When people are aware of what you can really do, your business will start growing on its own.